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How do you evaluate FFS application  at the moment ? , Share your views about the changes that the game went through , &  what do you think the game still needs? this space has been made for you to express your opinions & thoughts. ( Don't Forget to Vote at the right side for the most Unsolved issue you face in FFS )

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7/5/2012 07:16:29 pm

thats it thanks :))

25/5/2012 09:08:52 pm

23/7/2012 02:51:28 am

thanks :)

25/2/2011 08:08:00 am

"If they (Lika), don't take us, a continuously growing group of people that play with heart, seriously, they're going to end up losing a good percentage of the games userload and be stuck with what's left, greedy groups of people. If this is the kind of user load they wish for their game to be drawing, then great job, they're on the right track by not doing anything about the growing number of issues surrounding these vultures..."

Vultures and how their activity is tainting the atmospheric quality of our game. They're turning it into a game that good people are no longer able to enjoy. That's the main issue that I feel should be addressed. Steps need to be taken to protect all users, the good and the bad. Right now, the only people that are able to freely enjoy this game, are the vultures. While everyone else is being made targets and having our ability to freely enjoy the game, taken away from us.

25/2/2011 09:18:39 am

FFS is a great application , been playing for 3 years and through all the changes that it went through, still I find some issues that the traders who plays this game are annoyed from such as:

- Vultures ( Buying NFS Pets ): Well now its not safe to do resets!! even if people are set to Friends Only Mode some people ( Vultures ) in some way manage to participate in buying the pet!!.

- Fake Pets: I don't know till when this gonna keep going and going , like I can imagine one day it may reach that only 2 real traders are playing while they create thousands fake pets each!! ( yes there are many sick people and they can do it ).

- Private Pets: I think its also another issue as I like risks, but still knowing that the pet I bought went private. like its an asset that I keep without a chance to get rid of.
- Suggestion regarding that - what if game developers offer something like replacing the private pet that someone has with a pet with - 0 - ( Zero )cash but with the same value as the private. and the game developers can put a set of aviators that we can choose for that pet so others can buy, but the new pet earns no money from buying and selling , but the buyer & Seller earn money from buying and selling. and trust me if you put tokens for this feature I can guarantee you that people will run to buy those tokens as everyone would like to get rid of those dead pets and be replaced by a pet that they choose their aviator. this can be applied for private pets that been not logging in for 1 year or more, and when that pet decides to be back to the game he/she will be back with minimum value and cash as developers can state if someone been private for 1 year or more , the value and cash will be resetted. don't you think this suggestion worth consideration.

- Page Errors: recently there are lots of error pages, I know its something not in the hands of developers but still doing regular maintenance would help to minimize that.

Finally would like to deliver the message that we love FFS & if we didn't care about this application we wouldn't care creating this space or even bother writing to the developers with no serious action that been made.

would really appreciate that the game developers do care as much as we do care about the game that we love & enjoy playing.



6/7/2012 04:23:39 pm

i want to ask how to design FFSNG :) thanks :)

24/7/2012 10:19:38 pm

pki ayos nman ng FFS ko.. thing you

24/7/2012 10:30:03 pm

thing you.

5/8/2012 08:31:49 pm

Hi iAm John Alvin
You Can Call Me John/Alvin/Cabaybay:)
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6/8/2012 02:41:03 pm

I want to ask how to design FFSNG

5/9/2012 04:12:22 pm

I enjoyed reading your blog post. You give more satisfaction to your followers. I'll check more often for more updates. Thumbs up :)

Joseph Aidan

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love it! very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thanks for sharing information that is actually helpful.



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